Customer Story: Kier Group PLC

March 22nd, 2019|

When Keir adopted Microsoft 365 E5, the visibility it provided immediately allowed them to detect hackers across the globe using compromised credentials to gain access to Keir's systems. They stopped over 90,000 intrusion attempts in the first month alone. Innovative systems, visibility, and ease of use enable Keir to reduce their response times to such attacks from weeks to mere hours, allowing them to spend more time growing and improving their business. What new security insights are waiting for you? Onsupport is ready to help you find out.

Applications and infrastructure: Reimagining our foundation

March 22nd, 2019|

To get to the intelligent edge, you need infrastructure that will give you access to the data that matters most. While modernizing infrastructure doesn't sound exciting, it can afford any organization the ability to create unprecedented efficiencies. Microsoft is harnessing the power of the hybrid cloud to launch new tools you'll need to build the next generation of game-changing applications. Wherever you are and whatever you do, Microsoft and Onsupport are ready to support you and your apps. Contact us today and receive more information on how we can help inform your decision.

AI empowers us to change the world

March 21st, 2019|

Nearly every industry is moving to the intelligent edge. Companies need the right IT service provider, powerful tools and solutions that enable every application, business process, and employee to access the intelligent edge. You can trust Microsoft AI to drive your digital transformation with accelerators, solutions, and practices to empower your organization. Experience the intelligence built into every Microsoft product and service and let Onsupport help you. Contact us to find out how we can help you leverage the power of AI using Microsoft products.

Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide

March 21st, 2019|

Chances are you're considering transitioning to the cloud for added productivity. If not, maybe it's time to do so. Onsupport knows moving your IT to the cloud can be intimidating. That's why we're here to help you along your journey. Azure cloud services can help you to expand the reach of your business using digital channels, anticipate customer needs, understand how your products are used, and quickly develop and improve products and services, keeping your productivity level high. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you integrate Azure and accelerate your productivity.

Azure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide

March 20th, 2019|

Ultimately, migration of your data to the cloud revolves around costs. If you can't reduce expenses, it'll be difficult to justify the move. Onsupport is here to help you find the right balance and minimize the cost associated with such a large undertaking. Azure Cost Management helps you manage your cloud spending with transparency and accuracy. Make the most of Azure by providing tools to monitor, allocate, and optimize your costs. The tools you need to keep costs down are available and we want to help you integrate them. Contact us for more information on how we can help.

AI in action

March 20th, 2019|

Your customers deserve a great experience. Onsupport knows that the ways to help customers enjoy their time with you can be difficult. That's why, we want you to integrate a solution that incorporates AI technology. You might think we're crazy for suggesting it, but AI isn't difficult to integrate into your organization. We can show you how with Microsoft Azure AI. With amazing pre-built APIs, serverless bot services, and powerful Machine Learning applications, Azure has the tools you need for your business and your customers to feel connected. Contact us today to find out more information.

The ultimate meeting guide

March 19th, 2019|

Are your meetings as productive as they could be? Onsupport wants to help your organization incorporate ways to improve the work environment. With Office 365, you can help your employees reduce the time they spend in meetings, and in some cases eliminate meetings all together by leveraging the sharing tools in Teams. We know your business can benefit from incorporating Office 365. Contact us today for more information.

A crash course in Microsoft 365 Business

March 19th, 2019|

Whether you're gearing up for a big project or getting ready for a seasonal rush, your workers need to collaborate. With Office 365, they can streamline their efforts and stay in sync. Onsupport wants to help you integrate this set of tools, so your team can be the best it can be. With Teams, your workers can access common files and make edits in real time, customize team sites to fit their needs, and manage permissions with ease, saving time and productivity. We're here to ensure your business has access to the best suite of collaboration tools. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Building modern, connected business applications

March 18th, 2019|

There seems to be an app for everything. Constantly building new apps is tedious, yet business applications are essential to driving productivity and operations. Microsoft is working to evolve past the need to build new apps for every purpose. Instead, they're working to connect the business processes already in existence end-to-end, creating systems of intelligence and action. Your business can benefit from the innovation at Microsoft. At Onsupport, we want to help. Contact us to find out how leveraging this expertise will enhance your digital business.