Just move it to the cloud

January 4th, 2021|

How you migrate your data to the cloud depends on many factors, but @Microsoft is here to help. Learn from this blog post about different methods of data migration and which one may be best for you.

Up-to-Date infographic

December 24th, 2020|

Spend less time on maintenance and more time on creation and innovation when you use #Microsoft #Azure SQL database. Its intelligent databases are always up to date with unique, built-in resource management and governance. Learn more with this infographic:

RapidDeploy helps first responders defend public safety with Azure Sentinel

December 23rd, 2020|

With public safety and customer trust at stake, #RapidDeploy takes cybersecurity seriously. When RapidDeploy implemented a Security Information and Event Management ( #SIEM ) system, it chose @Microsoft Azure Sentinel, one of the world's first cloud-native SIEMs. Watch the video for the full story.

Securing the hybrid cloud with Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel

December 23rd, 2020|

@Azure Security Center has grown rapidly in usage and capabilities. Read how Security Center works with #AzureSentinel to secure infrastructure efficiently. Then contact Onsupport to learn more.

Reduce up to 80% in administration costs by offloading server/storage infrastructures

December 22nd, 2020|

Offloading server/storage infrastructures to @Microsoft reduces up to 80% in administration costs. Subscribe now to learn how you can take advantage of these cost savings with #Azure.

Microsoft Sentinel

December 22nd, 2020|

@Microsoft #AzureSentinel helps customers simplify their security operations and scale as they grow. It's intelligent, integrated security analytics for your entire enterprise. Learn more here.

Financial tech company gains SQL Server performance and scalability on Linux

December 21st, 2020|

As many startups grow, they encounter scaling challenges and latency. For dv01, a financial reporting and analytics company, Microsoft SQL Server provided the solution. Watch this video to learn how @MicrosoftAzure enabled faster response times and cut #dv01's management time by 90%.


December 17th, 2020|

@Microsoft delivers a unified identity investigation experience across on-premises and cloud. Secure your hybrid-cloud environments and work anywhere. Stay secure on any device and stay up to date on how. Subscribe now!

Secure Infographic

December 16th, 2020|

Learn why companies choose #Azure for unmatched security, from @Microsoft's 90+ compliance offerings to 3,500 dedicated security experts. Check out this infographic and contact Onsupport to learn more.