Who We Are

Onsupport Corporation began with one goal in 1992: to turn a passion for helping people with their information technology into a successful enterprise business enterprise. The Onsupport team’s commitment to service delivery excellence has helped us achieve this goal and today Onsupport, thanks to our customers is a thriving Austin-based business.

The Onsupport team works hard to get to know our clients and understand their business needs. Time and again, we ask our customers what performance and service they need from IT to reach their goals. Then, no matter how hard the task, we work to get the job done. This is the heart and soul of Onsupport ‘s proactive attitude and commitment to excellent service.

We have been fortunate to see many of our client’s blossom with the technology solutions we provide. Our customer’s success has both solidified and magnified the strength of Onsupport’s business relationships. The trust our clients place in us makes Onsupport more than a technology advisor. Onsupport is a reliable, behind-the-scenes business partner. Our clients use us as their “Virtual IT Director” because they count on us to think about their interests and their brand in the same way that they would. Like a doctor keeping up with medical journals for the benefit of her patients, Onsupport proactively stays on top of market trends and new products and services, keeping our clients and their needs in mind.

With strong ownership, endless energy and a passion and commitment to providing excellent service to meet and exceed our client’s needs, Onsupport is thriving under the leadership of Chris Canada our Owner, CEO and President. From our home base in Austin, we are one of Texas’ leading providers of customized and optimized information technology solutions, services, and consulting for small to medium-sized businesses.

Onsupport Leadership Team

Chris Canada – CEO/President

Mr. Canada founded Onsupport as On-Site Computer Solutions in Austin, TX in 1992. Now, 25 years later, he’s as passionate about the business and personally involved as ever. Mr. Canada has served as an expert technology witness on multiple Federal Supreme Court trials, gaining valuable experience, relationships and a reputation for his integrity and hard work. Mr. Canada actively engages with clients in two key roles.

  • Virtual CIO
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Consultant and Practice Manager

As a Virtual CIO, he manages IT Operations for several large firms totaling nearly five thousand users across dozens of locations. In this role, Mr. Canada is all about transparency and accountability. He performs assessments of the operations, designs strategic roadmaps, mentors staff, fosters relationships and builds communications between management and IT. As a HIPAA Risk Assessment Consultant, Mr. Canada has personally performed Security Risk Assessments at over 100 medical facilities and business associates in the last 6 years. Beyond helping the facilities become compliant, Chris enjoys the fact that most of our customers invite him back to consult on future projects.

Randy Steinle – Vice President

Steinle has managed the Sales and Operations of technology companies for 2 decades. He is all about building relationships and connecting people. In addition to his role as Vice President at Onsupport, he currently serves as President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners for the United States. He also serves on the Advisory Task Force of Voices for Innovation, a technology advocacy group, and as a member of CSEC, the Computer Science Education Coalition.

Steinle leads the sales and marketing efforts at Onsupport, seeking to engage with clients in a partnership rather than the traditional vendor/customer role. He is also responsible for building strategic partnerships with other companies that help Onsupport deliver more complete and robust service offerings to our clients.

Jeremy Sadler – Director of Technology

Sadler comes to Onsupport with a strong background of active duty in the Marine Corp as well as 10+ years of industry experience in IT Management. In addition to leading the team at Onsupport, Sadler is also pursuing a Masters in IT Security.

Our Partners